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PODS is the most trusted name in portable moving & storage.

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Did You Know

PODS is the most trusted name in portable moving & storage.

Storage At Your Location

PODS is the most trusted brand in the portable moving and storage industry with over 3 million deliveries in 18 years of service. PODS containers can be delivered to your home, apartment, or other location, and you can keep them there as long as you need. 

When you need storage and need access to it quickly, having a PODS storage unit right outside your door allows for convenient access to your belongings. 

With PODS, you don't have to be home when the container is delivered or picked up, so the container will be ready for you. The night before delivery, estimated service windows are provided, along with a courtesy call when the driver is en route to your location. 

If after storing your belongings at your location you need them moved to a new location, PODS can move the container across town or across the country. 

How much does it cost to rent a PODS storage unit at my house?

Stress less and stay on budget with PODS' detailed pricing


Rates for storing a PODS container on your property can start as low as $149.99 per month for a 12-foot container and $159.99 for a 16-foot container. Monthly rental rates vary according to container availability, geographical location, and storage duration. Please note that additional fees may apply for deliveries depending on the duration of your storage project. For storage rates in your area, please request a free quote today.

When comparing PODS rental costs to other storage options, make sure to take into account the benefits that are included in PODS’ convenient, flexible process -- and often left out of self-storage rental quotes. For instance, we do all the driving, so you don’t have to worry about paying for gas or renting a truck. PODS also gives you the flexibility to load and unload on your schedule, whereas renting a truck gives you just one day and carries the risk of late fees. Plus, there’s no hauling stuff back and forth to a self-storage facility: you can leave your sturdy, weather-resistant container on your property for easy access.

PODS Container Sizes

What Size PODS Container Fits Me?


PODS Container Dimensions

PODS' containers come in 3 sizes (sizes are approximate):
7-foot container: 7'x7'x8', typically holds 1 room*
12-foot container: 12'x8'x8', typically holds 2-3 rooms
16-foot container: 16'x8'x8', typically holds 3-4 rooms

Container Sizes

*Not available in all areas.

The Smart On-Site Storage Solution

Convenient storage at your location

Undergoing a remodeling project? Need temporary storage for excess furniture while you stage your home for sale?

Keep your belongings out of the way, easily accessible, and secure by storing them right on your property in one of our on-site storage containers.

The process is simple: We deliver a sturdy, weather-resistant, steel-framed container right to your doorstep. You load the container on your schedule and at your pace, then you lock it and keep the only key.

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