Long Distance Moving with PODS

Find Out More about Long Distance Moving with PODS

Moving out of state or across the country involves a lot of decisions. Perhaps the most important decision is which type of moving service to use. Should you hire full-service movers? Maybe get a rental truck? Nowadays, you also have the choice of PODS’ portable storage solutions, which offer flexibility and convenience to reduce the stress, cost, and complexity of your long-distance move.

The Flexible Way to Move Long-Distance

Moving is stressful enough without trying to get your entire house loaded or unloaded in a day. PODS rents your container to you on a monthly basis, so you can pack or unpack at your own pace.

We can move your belongings straight to your new home, we can store them locally, or we can store them in your new city. PODS has more than 230 Storage Centers nationwide where you can store your loaded container between moves. When you’re ready for your belongings to be delivered, we’ll bring them to you at your convenience, and you can take all the time you need to unload everything.

You don’t have to worry about being there when your PODS container is delivered or picked up. We’ll call you the night before and en route to let you know we’re coming, so you can rest-assured your move goes as planned.

Moving Long-Distance with PODS vs. a Rental Truck

Long-distance moving with a rental truck can be more costly than you might think when you add up the cost of fueling a truck, hotel stays during your trip, late fees, and other hidden costs. With PODS, our pricing is detailed and straightforward, so you don’t have to worry about extra costs. And we offer three different container sizes, so you’re only paying for the space you need.

Plus at PODS, we take care of the driving. You lock your possessions in your PODS container and we'll pick it up and move it to your next home or one of our secure PODS Storage Centers.

Using a rental truck can also take a physical toll, sometimes requiring you to move heavy items up and down a steep ramp – whereas PODS containers sit at ground level.

Moving Long-Distance with PODS vs. Full-Service Moving Companies

If you’re considering a full-service mover, you should be aware that your belongings may be unloaded and reloaded multiple times. With PODS containers, there’s no double-handling, minimizing the chance of breakage. This is reflected in the fact that PODS’ damage claims average less than 2% of our overall annual transactions, while the moving and storage industry as a whole has a much higher rate. From our sturdy steel-frame containers to our patented level container lifting system, PODS uses great care at all steps of the long-distance moving process.