Furniture Shipping & Moving with PODS

7ft Container & Shipping Furniture

An easy way to ship furniture

When you have a bedroom set, living room set, or dining room you want to ship to a child, family member or second home, PODS is the perfect solution. With our 7’ moving container, you can fit up to two rooms of furniture* and have it sent where you need.

PODS will deliver the container to your door, you can fill it up, and then we’ll ship it wherever you’d like. No hassle-filled trips to the shipping center necessary!


You’re in control

You pack your container just the way you want it (or we can refer you to one of our preferred packers and loaders), and then lock your container prior to shipment. You’re the only one who has the key, so your furniture is safe and isn’t being mixed in with other people’s furniture while it’s on the road.

Furniture storage when you need it

If you have a child at college who you want to eventually have a set of furniture, but they’re not ready for it, we can store it at a PODS secure Storage Center and then ship it to another state or across the country.




How Much Does It Cost to Ship Furniture?

The cost of shipping furniture locally in a 7-foot container can start at $250. Pricing varies depending on several factors, including distance, container size, container availability, and storage duration (if applicable).

When comparing your PODS quote to conventional moving and shipping companies, keep in mind the benefits that are included in our flexible, convenient process – and often not factored into other moving quotes:

  • We do all the driving so you don’t have to drive a truck in unfamiliar territory and worry about potential accidents, parking, or the truck breaking down.
  • There are no additional truck charges or gas charges.
  • PODS gives you the flexibility to load and unload your furniture on your schedule, whereas renting a truck gives you just one day and carries the risk of late fees.
  • Storage is built into our solution: Keep your PODS container on your property or at one of our secure Storage Centers until you’re ready for your furniture.



*Items per container are estimates.