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PODS is the most trusted name in portable moving & storage.

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PODS is the most trusted name in portable moving & storage.

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How PODS Compares to Other Moving Companies

It used to be that moving options were mainly limited to driving a rental truck or hiring a full-service moving company. When PODS invented portable storage in 1998, we introduced a new, flexible way to move that seamlessly combines moving with storage.

With PODS portable storage containers, you can take all the time you need to load and unload your belongings, and we do all the driving. Should you need storage, you can leave your container on your property for convenient 24-hour access, or we can move it to one of our secure Storage Centers until you’re ready for it.

PODS vs. Rental Trucks

Here are some of the ways PODS offers a more convenient alternative to rental truck moves:

  • Storage is built into our solution. PODS eliminates the inconvenience of moving twice. With PODS, there’s no need to rent from a second storage vendor if you have to store your items.
  • Your PODS container is delivered directly to your door. Forget the hassle of picking up a rental truck and stressing about what to do with your own personal vehicle.
  • We do the driving. You don’t have to worry about gas prices, allowed mileage, insurance liabilities, or maneuvering a large truck.
  • Take all the time you need to need to load and unload. Instead of racing against the clock to finish moving before the truck is due back, you can take your time and move on your own schedule with PODS.

PODS vs. Full-Service Moving Companies

PODS containers offer a flexible, affordable alternative to full-service moving companies. With PODS:

  • PODS’ damage claims are less than 2% compared to 20% in the full-service industry.* With full-service moving, your items are often unloaded and reloaded several times during transport, increasing the risk of breakage. With PODS, you only need to load and unload your items once.
  • You have the flexibility to load and unload your container at your own pace. Full-service moving companies have a rigid schedule. With PODS, you’re in control of scheduling and pick your own delivery and pick-up dates.
  • Storage is part of our solution. Storage is built seamlessly into the PODS process, whereas full-service movers may not even offer storage as an option, and if they do, they usually charge additional fees to store your items – up to $500 per month!
  • Easily access your belongings while they’re in storage. Some competitors do not give you access to your stored items. With PODS, retrieving or adding to your belongings is as easy as a phone call.

Click here for a list of questions to ask full-service movers as you shop for moving company quotes.

Other Movers vs. PODS

Why move two times or more with other moving companies when you can move just once with PODS?

*According to the AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association)