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PODS has completely changed the way you think about moving and storage in the Winnipeg area. You no longer have to spend hours researching the right truck rental or finding a storage facility in the Inkster Park area. Servicing Winnipeg and surrounding areas including Stonewall, Marquette, and Cartier, we handle all of that for you by bringing the moving and storage solutions right to your front door. Fill the container with your belongings and we will handle the rest. If you’re moving away from the Winnipeg area, we will take the container to your new address. If you just need to store some items, you can leave the container on your property or choose to have it stored at our local storage facility in Winnipeg.

How does PODS work?

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We deliver the PODS® container to your door using our patented hydraulic lift system.

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You pack the PODS® container at your leisure.

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We pick up the PODS® container and deliver directly to your destination or to our secure PODS Storage Center.

Greater Winnipeg Area Storage Centre

1725 Inkster Blvd
Unit C
Winnipeg, MB R2X 1R3